Monday, 4 March 2013

Famous Chef Names to be Unscrambled!

Here are the names of ten well-known chefs but, like their eggs, they're scrambled although the letters of first and last names are kept separate. The first group are good for plenty of vegetarian recipes, while the second, well perhaps less keen but they will, if asked, do the business. Solutions at the bottom of the page.
by Roland Tanglao

Group One  

  1  tomay thongitole

  2  elgin ratels

  3  urp heilt

  4  intelvane warren

  5  hadrum fajfrey

  6  harrs wrobn

  7  load lizil
by Jo Marshall
Group Two

 8  emaji rivelo (who, when I complained about Parmesan in a 'veg' recipe, replied that there were plenty
                              of other recipes which were suitable!)
 9  drogno samery

10  sylenia rithroat
*         *         *         *         *

Here's who they really are:
  1  Yotam Ottolenghi
  2  Nigel Slater
  3  Pru Leith
  4  Valentine Warner
  5  Madhur Jaffrey
  6  Sarah Brown
  7  Aldo Zilli
  8  Jamie Oliver
  9  Gordon Ramsey
10  Ainsley Harriott


  1. So well known I've heard of 6 of them ... there is something lacking in my education ...

  2. Well some are more 'current' than others. Thanks again for your comment. :-)