Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Yurrrk! Veg Words I Totally Eschew

Although I'm forever reading about vegetarian food - articles, recipes, competitions - some particular terms will always put me off. Here are some of them:
Any recipe title that ends with bake. Vegetable bake, pasta bake - just sounds as though it becomes one solid mass which  you'd have to cut with a knife to serve.
Recipes described as stew. Reminds me of school stew which would have tough chunks of cheap meat or what appeared to be vertebrae with a few bits falling off them. (I was a meat eater while at school.) Stew seems to suggest that anything going has been thrown into a pot with too much liquid, and it will lack flavour.

Couscous - ridiculous I know, but I hate saying this word and have never found it to be, let's say, delightful.

Served on a bed of ... Just means 'on'. Bed of rice, bed of salad, bed of mash. I don't especially like main     course food served on other food - the firmer item will be made soggy by the less firm. Side by side would be prettier and more appetising.
From the OM's greenhouse
Arrabiata - or, to give this pasta 'sauce' its scientific name, tomato slop. I will NEVER order this in a restaurant. It is cheap, lazy, insulting and usually tasteless.

Death by Chocolate is not what you'd call an appealing name. I've never eaten it but I bet it's lovely.

Heat but do not allow to boil. How hot? Lukewarm? Hotter? You can't know it's nearly boiling until it boils 
     and then it's too late.

A lifelong interest in cooking? From one hour old? Lifelong interest in food, well that's different.

     and finally,

THE VEGETARIAN OPTION on a menu. What will it be? I can't commit until I know. Why can't you commit? On second thoughts don't bother - it's probably one from the list above.

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