Friday, 17 February 2012

Intro and 5 good low-calorie snacks and meals

Valentine's Dinner
Welcome to my new blog, and thanks for visiting.

I set this up because I'm a very keen vegetarian cook and foodie, to allow me an expression of my 'stuff', and to save having to bore followers on Twitter with my food tweets. Plan is to update weekly.

Hope you like the picture on the left. The main item looks like a cow pat but is actually mushrooms, onions, ginger, tenderstem, toasted almonds, brandy and cream in an improvised filo 'parcel'. The mousse is chocolate and Triple Sec, and you can just see the spoon for it - very small, with a heart-shaped bowl (Christmas present from the OM).

I've a number of original recipes on suite101 writers' showcase - this is a list of all of my various articles.

Here are 5 suggestions for snacks and light meals for anyone watching their calories. (Well, everyone really.)

1  2 cheese Snack-a-Jacks lightly spread with Flora light or Marmite (around 100 cals). Lovely.
2  A one-egg omelette made with a splash of semi-skimmed milk, well seasoned and 
       containing veg such as chopped cooked tenderstem, carrot, onion. 1 tsp olive oil in the 
       pan first. Maybe about 150-200 cals.
3  'Stir-fried vegetable heap' - anything to hand plus maybe water chestnuts - and a dash of
       light soy or sweet and sour sauce.
4  Enough for 2 large portions, microwave popcorn (lightly salted type) + sweet chilli dipping 
5  'Exotic' fruit, e.g. one large Sharon fruit + a few of those physalis things + 6 fresh lychees.

That's it for now. If there's anything you might like to see here, or a comment, I'd love it if you'd leave a note below.


  1. Just started blogging too...( Also just went Pescetarian. Will keep checking your blog for recipe's/ tips to keep me motivated :)

    1. Thanks, Candice. Will check you out soon, too. Good luck!